Silk Pillowcase


Give yourself the gift of a luxurious nights sleep...

Our silk pillowcase is made from 19 momme, gives your curls & skin some respite from cotton pillowcases. When you move during your sleep, your hair is maintained with the soft-to-touch grey pillowcase, without aggravating your hair as you do so. Silk also doesn't over absorb product so you can sleep easy knowing your deep conditioner is working its magic on your hair rather than seeping into your pillowcase. 

Added benefits? Your bedding has a boujis touch.

Warning? You won't want to get out of bed...

Size: 50 x 75cm

Take care! Wash your Silk pillowcase on a delicate cycle, or hand-wash. If you're using your washing machine, pop your pillowcase into a laundry bag, and use silk-suitable detergent.